(English) Ikion Eco Boutique hotel listed in 20 best Greek island hotels

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Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities
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Ikion Renovation and Rebranding

On September 15, 2010 general renovation work began at the Hotel which completed on mid May 2011. The design and supervision of work undertaken by the Architect Studio and Designers Mr. Christophoros Lazaridis and Partners. The aim is to improve facilities and upgrade our services.

Ikion with respect and sensitivity to the environment of the island of Alonissos which is a symbol of global ecology, redirected to developing of green functions,  actions and activities. As an Eco hotel IKION  has made important environmental improvements to its structure in order to minimize its impact on the environment. It is a green hotel  environmentally-responsible that follows the practices of green living. Ikion Eco Boutique hotel follows strict green guidelines to ensure that our guests are staying in a safe, non-toxic and energy-efficient accommodation.

Here are some basic characteristics of IKION ECO green hotel actions:

  • Housekeeping uses non-toxic cleaning agents and laundry detergent
  • substrates, mattresses, pillows, curtains, furniture made by COCO-MAT only from natural materials (seaweed, horsehair, coco-fibres, natural rubber, cotton, wool, goose down, cactus, silk)
  • 100% organic cotton sheets, towels and mattresses
  • Non-smoking environment
  • Renewable energy sources for hot water, solar water heaters.
  • Bulk organic soap and amenities instead of individual packages to reduce waste
  • Guest room and hotel lobby recycling bins
  • Towel and sheet re-use (guests can tell housekeeping to leave these slightly used items to reduce water consumption)
  • Energy-efficient lighting (LED type 90% energy saving)
  • Serves organic and local-grown food
  • Non-disposable dishes
  • Electrical energy efficient devices
  • Rainwater collection tanks,  for garden and landscaping
  • Recycling program

Ikion Eco is furnished in a unique themed, stylish and aspirational manner. Ikion Eco Boutique Hotel is furnished and decorated in a minimal matter referred to the sense of water flow.

As a Boutique hotel, the IKION ECO is always individual and focused on offering it’s services in a comfortable, intimate, and welcoming setting, so that it is extremely unlikely to be found amongst the homogeneity of large chain hotel groups. Guest rooms and suites are fitted with telephony and cable fast internet/intranet, Wi-Fi Internet, air-conditioning, honesty bars and  satelight TV, cable/pay TV etc.

IKION ECO is focusing on quiet and comfort. Guest services are attended to by 24-hour hotel staff.

The works constitute a comprehensive plan and includes 5 sections:

1. Renovation of building infrastructure to ensure high aesthetic quality, functionality and comfort.

2. Upgrading of the production process for renewal of all furnishings and equipment. The design and quality standards aimed at creating high quality class 4 or even 5 stars.

3. Development of innovations in the operation of the hotel in order to distinguish it from the classical form of sleeping accommodation

4. Application procedures enviroment direction with emphasis on energy saving and environmental protection.

5. Implementing and developing information systems designed to offer modern amenities for hotel guests. The project is included in the Programme of 1st Action of the (ΕΣΠΑ) to strengthen SMEs and funded by the Greek Government and the European Union.

Partners and Suppliers for Ikion Eco Boutique Hotel Renovation

COCO-MAT (substrates, mattresses, pillows, curtains, furniture, sheets, towels)

NAFPLIOTIS Bros Company specialized in the field of glass Box Douche, Mirrors, inscription, stairs, windows glass

BRIGHT SPECIAL LIGHTING S.A Lighting Techniques Design Projects

ALMECO Decor for Furnitures


LG HELLAS and AMF electronics for air conditions, TV,  satelight recievers

SYCHEM for Sea water desalination Plants

(English) Certification EN ISO 14001-2004 for Ikion Eco Boutique Hotel

Classification Ikion Eco Boutique Hotel and cooperation with Green Hotels


GreenHotels is the first network of Greek Eco Hotels. By the term “Eco Hotels” we refer to those hotels which are committed to environmental management and aim at:    

  • Water saving
  • Waste reduction
  • Establishing Recycling Policies
  • Minimizing their Energy Footprint (ie the amount of carbon dioxide which is emitted at the atmosphere by everyday activities that require energy consumption)
  • Offering Biological and Local products to their guests
  • Using Renewable Energy Sources
  • Building an Environmental Culture and communicating it to staff and guests

Every day, more and more hotels in Greece are embracing green tourism and are establishing an environmental management system. We, the GreenHotels team, are giving you the opportunity to track the Eco Hotels in your favorite destinations of Greece, through our constantly updated database. The hotels classification has been based on selected criteria and management policies that have been proposed by the International Tourism Partnership, ITP, which works to promote the highest possible standards of environmental and social management and responsible business practices within the tourism industry.                 

We, the GreenHotels team, we are COMMITTED TO SUSTAINABILITY and INNOVATION.                 

* Greenhotels is not a certification or award

Certification and awarding of the Q Quality Label to the Ikion Eco Boutique Hotel of Alonissos in Greece.

On November 17th 2011, Ikion Eco Boutique Hotel was the first Hotel in Alonissos to be qualified with the Q Label. “ The Quality Certification for Tourism” and the Q Label come to crown the quality services Ikion Eco Boutique Hotel offers in the field of tourism. The Q Label reflects the top level of the services Ikion Eco offers,as it functions according to the advanced criteria of Swiss tourism, which are the highest in Europe. “The Quality Certification for Tourism” and the Q Label are represented in Greece by Mr. Giannis Agglos. Consultant on tourism issues, former EOT Secretary General. The realization of the program has been appointed to I-LEARN.
For “The Quality Certification for Tourism” and the Q Quality Label, procedures in accordance to the international standards set by the Accredited Certification Institution, were followed.
Ikion Eco Boutique Hotel certification aims to reassure the confidence in the quality of the services provided and to the broadening of the knowledge on different approaches in quality management. Furthermore, it aims to create especially designed services addressing to specialized types of visitors.
Through the certification above, the complete and continuous quality of the services provided by Ikion Eco Boutique Hotel to its clients worldwide is proved.
By the Q quality Label Ikion Eco Boutique Hotel promises to its clients and partners, that the provision of services are characterized by the highest quality before and after the sale. In being awarded with the “Quality Certification for Tourism” and the Q quality Label for Ikion Eco Boutique Hotel , many factors such as the fully trained personnel, the organized processes within the company departments and the communication management of the company to its customers, played important role.
The Management and personnel of Ikion Eco Boutique Hotel believe that in a world with rising competition the continuous application of quality management systems will contribute to the fulfillment of the company aims, in relation to the continual improvement of its services and its customers’ continual satisfaction.
Quality is the foundation of the services sector for Ikion Eco Boutique Hotel and the Q label is a major asset for the company, which compensates its continuous effort to provide customers with services of the highest quality.


Come arrivare a Alonissos

In barca

   Ci sono traghetti da e per Alonissos Agios Konstantinos (4h30 ‘). Ci sono anche percorsi da Kimi (2h15 ‘) e Volos (4h30 ‘)

Con Dolphin

   Delfini e Flying Cat Alonissos puntano a Volos e Agios Konstantinos (2h45 ‘). Inoltre, questi syndeeoun percorsi di Alonissos Skopelos (30 ‘) Skiathos (1h15′) e Lingua (50 ‘).

In aereo

    E ‘anche possibile viaggiare a Skiathos in aereo e poi da Skiathos per arrivare a Alonissos con aliscafo o traghetto.

biglietti on-line barche e delfini

Per le prenotazioni on-line e servizi di biglietteria visitare uno dei seguenti link:

www.openseas.gr (No Kymi)

 www.sne.gr  (Kymi)

Biglietti aerei on-line e voli

Per orari e biglietti aerei on-line di prenotazione di visitare i seguenti link:



Alonissos Holiday Villas

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